Use our proven medical group marketing approach to get more patients, improve productivity, and increase physician retention.

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Get new patients.

Establish the bond between patients and your physicians.

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Demonstrate your physicians’ competency and collegiality.

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Increase your physicians’ productivity and satisfaction.

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Since 2015, we’ve relentlessly perfected the effectiveness of our medical marketing strategies for health systems, IPAs, medical groups and practices. By applying psychological principles, market research, and creativity we deliver superior outcomes.

Medical group marketing leaders juggle many important and urgent responsibilities and issues. When these responsibilities prevent those leaders from dedicating the time and resources necessary to grow their practices properly, a medical group marketing agency can help generate growth through patient acquisition, patient retention and provider retention. Simple Business Solutions is a renowned marketing agency that makes the difficult seem simple. We specialize in growing medical groups, and we do so with a practiced, trusted process based on a foundation of market research, analytics, creativity, and technology.

Simple Business Solutions offers medical group marketing that’s not only efficient, but effective, and we’ll help you move forward with patient acquisition, patient retention and increasing the productivity of your medical group. Contact us to start the process of growing your medical group.

From 1.5 days to 8 weeks.

A gynecologic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive procedures was under 50% productivity, with 1.5 days Clinic Access and 2 days Operating Room Access. She was dissatisfied and deemed at risk to leave the client’s medical group.

We built an integrated marketing campaign targeting potential patients and referring physicians.

As a result of the campaign, our client’s surgeon productivity increased to 8 weeks Clinic Access and 8 weeks Operating Room Access, which led to a significant increase in the surgeon’s satisfaction.

BEFORE CAMPAIGN 1.5 days access AFTER CAMPAIGN 8 weeks access

Start fast.

You just invested a bunch of money to recruit new physicians and you need an ROI as soon as possible. You want them to start fast with a growing (or full) patient panel.

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Build more.

Your star providers have the access, aptitude, and attitude to be even more productive. You want to build your stars into rock stars and take market share from competitors.

Get busy.

You have underperforming providers. They’re a drag on morale and on the financials. You want them to be more productive. Now’s the time to “get ‘em busy, or get ‘em gone”.

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$260,273. Yes, really.

Have you ever calculated the total cost of physician churn? We have. We even built a calculator to help you build your business case. Let us show you why investing in medical marketing and physician retention is such a smart decision.

33 New Patients IN 90 DAYS
Offense is the best defense.

An orthopedic spine surgeon was facing aggressive competition from an out-of-town spine surgeon. The competitor had a confusingly similar name and was heavily advertising in the surgeon’s service area.

We created a 90-day campaign that articulated the doctor’s impressive training and prowess as a spine surgeon, while reinforcing the compelling benefits of having a spine procedure near home.

The campaign generated 33 new patients for our client’s spine surgeon while successfully fending off the competitive threat.

Make the smart decision.

Use our proven medical group marketing approach to get more patients, improve productivity, and increase physician retention.

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